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  • Whenever you have demands for a water purification system in the hope of reducing the TDS, please give a message for an Reverse Osmosis Quote.
  • Whenever you need an Ozone Disinfection euqipment for your bottling water, swimming pool, fish farming, we have Ozone Generator which can solve your problem.
  • Most physical way to kill the bacteria, vrirus, microorganisms is 254nm UV technology(Ultraviolet), we have various kinds of UV sterilizer.
  • What We Do

    Industrial RO

    Water capacity ranges from 0.5TPH to 50TPH can all be customized according…

    Ozone Generator

    Air fed Ozone Generator: With built-in air pump,can produce ozone concentration 15ppm.…

    UV Water Sterilizer

    Our UV Water Sterilizer with following features, 1.Light Source / Hanovia UVC…

    Recent Work

    Our Partners

    We have close partnership with components and parts suppliers who manufacture PVC, stainless steel, membranes,…

    Our Service

    Our dedicated account manager provides managed service tailored to suit your needs.  

    Our Quality

    We have our own patent which makes our products more effective in application. We manufacture…

    Why buyers choose us

    Our high price-ratio products & strong service Ethic-represent value for money. We don't waste any…

    Recent News

    Closed Chamber UV Sterilizer with Auto Cleaning System

    Closed Chamber UV Sterilizer with Auto-Cleaning System This design is specially designed…

    Reverse Osmosis System

    Click here to get the PDF file,Download Reverse Osmosis System Introduction

    Ultraviolet Water Sterilizer

    Click here to get the PDF file, Download Ultraviolet Water Sterilizer Product List

    Oxygen Concentrator

    Click here to get the PDF file, Download Oxygen Concentrator Product List